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Triple Path (strictly digital / NO analog transmit capability)
AVL 1.8 Meter dish with GPS guided controller
E2V model 6312 - 125 watt TWTA's
Milteq U9696 KU band upconverters
3 Tandberg 5740 digital encoders /
two with 4:2:2 the third with 4:2:0
Tandberg IRDs
Standard Communications analog satellite receiver
Dish Network Sat Receiver with DVR
Tektronix spectrum monitor & waveform/vectorscope

Letch 16x16 router system
DPS 235-D dual frame syncs
Sony PVW-2800 edit recorder( can edit from Beta,
Beta SP, Beta SX, or DV-Cam and master on Beta SP)
Sony- DNW-A28 Beta SX player/recorder
Sony DSR-1500A Dv-Cam player/recorder
Sony J-10SDI Beta SX player with Firewire out

Mackie 1604 16-channel mixer
Shure M267 edit mixer
Coles lip Microphone

RTS TW intercom system
Studio Technologies 2-channel IFB system
2 Lectrasonic Wirless IFB kits
2 Telos phone hybrids

Our Uplink truck is custom built with a 6 foot plus ceiling to provide a comfortable workspace and ample headroom. There are 3 live transmission paths available with the capability for a 4th.

6 Hybrid Cell Phones
2 KVH Satellite Tracphones
MOTOSAT DSS satellite system with satellite internet service and wifi
Motorola p-1255 walkie-talkies
Panasonic Fax/Copier/ Printer

1000+ Feet of Audio/Video Cable on board

AG-HPG10 Portable P2 Gear
15" Macbook Pro with Final Cut Pro 7
Prompter People - 15" Teleprompter

888.616.SPOT(7768) :
Spot Media Transfer: Uplink/Streaming
Spot Creative Media Group
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